Personalized autonomous medical coding, for your
unique practice

Maverick Medical AI streamlines medical coding for healthcare organizations by automating the process with its personalized autonomous solution, resulting in decreased operational expenses, reduced denials and increased direct-to-bill percentage.

About us

In 2019, Maverick Medical AI Corp was established to solve the pains and challenges of providers, payers, and revenue cycle management companies driven by errors and inefficiencies, and tap into the $16B medical coding market opportunity. The company was founded by Yossi Shahak, and Michael Brozino, former senior executives at McKesson with over 70 years of operations, development, and revenue generation from both Fortune 15 corporations and venture-backed organizations.


The company’s digital fish logo is based on the Babel Fish of Douglas Adam’s The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. Like the Babel Fish, an alien fish that performs instant translations, the Maverick platform makes sense of the clutter of text-based patient records, facilitating physician-level analysis and understanding.

Our management team

Yossi Shahak


Michael Brozino


Matan Neeman

VP Product

Shlomo Yona


Brad Adams

VP, Sales

Michael Wong

VP, Marketing

Uzi Blumensohn

Chair of the board



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