Maverick Medical AI is supported by an entire team of industry veterans of medical, regulatory, and AI/ML experts that not only had the vision to revolutionize medical coding, but are further revolutionizing the implementation phase with well defined, frictionless stages. VP of Product, Matan Neeman, shared some details about implementation when you’re making the transition to autonomous medical coding with Maverick.

Q: Matan — tell us a bit about yourself. What is your role with Maverick Medical AI?

I joined Maverick in early 2022 with a mission: To use machine learning and Generative AI technologies to automate the medical coding world. I spent my career in digital health, with a focus on information systems that support healthcare practitioners – technicians, physicians, nurses and administrators. I was part of a group who developed Cardiology PACS and Information Systems, then moved to the Radiology and Advanced Visualization space, and supported implementations of Enterprise software systems across multiple healthcare networks and systems.


As the leader of the product team at Maverick, I’m responsible for an important piece of our offerings: Product Management, skilled project management, implementation, training, and quality monitoring. Many vendors in this space leverage implementation specialists, and perhaps billing specialists, but Maverick leverages an entire team of product, project, implementation, revenue cycle experts, and beyond – all with in-depth medical and coding expertise. Folks who’ve been in the trenches and have an immensely in-depth understanding of the clinical environment. 


The critical understanding and background our team has, paired with the way we collaboratively work with clients to implement autonomous medical coding to their practices and systems, differentiate Maverick.

Q: Tell us about Maverick’s implementation process – how do you ensure a frictionless experience?


Our team devised a meticulous process to minimize client implementation hours while validating historical data quality. Once we comprehend the implementation’s nature, such as shifting from less automated to more automated systems or from no automation to autonomous coding, we create a customized project plan. This planning stage is integral, offering change management assistance, identifying impacts on team members, stakeholders, systems, and processes, all for a seamless transition.


The key part of our implementation strategy that makes go-live frictionless? It’s a simple philosophy, but it’s critical: Preparing for it in advance. We engage organizations with a consultative and collaborative approach, leveraging their expertise, and yielding a plan that’s specifically for them and yields a much better outcome. 


Collaboration with customers during the setup stage is critical to achieving the 85% direct-to-bill rate.  We both have responsibilities that ensure the success of the implementation.  One of these critical pieces to work and collect stakeholder input and analyze historical data to train the Maverick autonomous medical engine.  Many vendors start at zero and add rules and automation after.  Additionally, practices  who’ve extensively customized their existing products may face challenges transferring this knowledge to a new system due to the lengthy accumulation of customizations by various individuals, many of whom are no longer with the organization. Unlike other vendors, Maverick eliminates the need for customers to manually provide these rules and customizations. Instead, Maverick automatically extracts this information from historical data, enabling a smooth and efficient transition.  It’s beneficial and a lot less burdensome to our clients, especially in a replacement market where old tech has already become a burden.

Q: What else can a customer expect at go-live? Why should folks look no further than Maverick for autonomous medical coding?


Customers can expect the same degree of planning and careful monitoring to happen after go-live as they experienced beforehand. Our depth of knowledge in coding and not just implementation is key. Our folks have a greater understanding of the clinical environment and are adept at problem solving in a way that won’t frustrate clients who rely on folks who are only familiar with billing and implementation. Our decades of coding experience sets us apart. We relate to everyone, from SME to the clinical user to management and our resources pull from every department imaginable – all to serve our customers better without the unnecessary burden.


I encourage anyone who is interested in autonomous coding for their practice or health system to request a demo and learn about the advantages of a frictionless implementation of Maverick’s autonomous coding solution and how you can experience an 85%+ direct-to-bill rate.